Avoid Financial Problems With Car Accidents

If you are exposed to a serious traffic accident with lasting damage, it is important to have the possibility of compensation in advance. For although it is possible to get early retirement and other public benefits, private money is often to live a financially independent life. The best way to be sure is with an accident and loss of income insurance.

Accident insurance pays a lump sum after an accident

Accident insurance pays a lump sum after an accident

It does not cover if you become incapacitated by illness. On the other hand is not taken into account, if you lose the ability to work after the accident – the insurance company only pays a lump sum, it is a percentage of the insured and corresponds to the degree of disability.

The degree of disability is determined by a physician, and with a choice, there is also an opportunity to get paid the dental bill if there were injuries to the teeth. While almost even can choose the insurance amount. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain financial compensation from several accidents along the way.

An accident has the advantage over most other insurance companies

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Loss of income capacity insurance pays if you lose the ability to do a job – but there is no substitute for example if a carpenter can perform work after losing his thumb. On the other hand, do not take into account that the work is lost in the event of an accident or illness.

Loss of revenue capacity insurance usually pays three months after the damage is done, and then pays an amount each month – either until the agreed departure date, or before you can work again. It is the doctor who decides if you are unable to function. Payments from the most loss of revenue capacity insurance require that you have lost half of their overall ability to work.